Give freedom of expression to your identity.

Architecture design and interior design services

Tailor-made architecture, interior design, furniture and fit outs in high-end materials, individually created for highly
demanding clients

ONNO brings to life the personality of those who want to express themselves, space after space. Some people see “just a dream”; we see an opportunity for self-realization.

Creating your space is the art of standing out.

From envisioning your idea to originality of character, the revealing signs of unique personality. With their aesthetics and design, our projects speak about those who commission them: every villa, office, restaurant or shop is tailored to the tastes and style of each owner. Expect to discover yourself in every detail that makes the difference.

Excellence is your comfort.
And pride.

Our design studio is a place where the owner’s inspiration becomes pure innovation. Here, where your ideas become your project, is where your experience begins. We reward your ambition with execution capabilities in high-class materials including exquisite Italian marbles, premium fabrics or select leathers from prestigious suppliers like Hermes or Loro Piana.