Interior Design for a Contemporary Beauty Salon

International Women’s Month is a time to celebrate the achievements and contributions of women around the world. This year, we are featuring an interior design commissioned by a Dubai-based businesswoman whose passion for creating an impact in her community shows in her pursuits. The design for this beauty salon perfectly embodies the essence of this month’s celebration and reflects the softness, comfort, and luxury that women deserve.

The salon’s interior design is inspired by the curves and soft features of the number “8” – a symbol of infinity and balance. The result is a calming and inviting atmosphere that immediately puts clients at ease.

The soft rounded furniture and curved lines throughout the space create an overall aesthetic that’s sleek and modern, with a touch of femininity. The salon’s designers made sure to include elements that promote relaxation and comfort, such as plush armchairs and ottomans that clients can sink into.

The salon’s color palette is just as important to its interior design as its furniture. The green accents represent nature, growth, and new beginnings. The purple accents represent power, luxury, and creativity. Finally, the white accents represent purity, clarity, and simplicity. The combination of these three colors creates a soothing environment that’s perfect for a day of pampering.

One of the salon’s standout features is its manicure and pedicure area. The private and relaxing space allows clients to unwind fully while their nails are being tended to. Our designers made sure to create a space that’s not only functional but also beautiful. The manicure stations feature soft lighting, while the pedicure area features comfortable chairs with built-in footrests that are perfect for extended periods of relaxation.

Finally, the salon’s attention to detail is what truly sets it apart. Our team thought of everything, from the lush plants that add a touch of nature to the space, to the intricate tile work that complements the curves and soft lines of the furniture.

This beauty salon’s interior design is a testament to the importance of creating a comfortable and luxurious space for clients. At ONNO Concept, our design services aim to deliver high-end and ultra-bespoke projects that match our clients’ unique personalities. As a leading interior design company covering both residential and commercial projects in the UAE, we are passionate about bringing our clients’ design visions to life, from conception to execution. With our commitment to creating unforgettable experiences that promote relaxation and beauty, we strive to create spaces that harmonize with our client’s needs and preferences.


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