Elevating A Space for the Holidays

The anticipation of incorporating interior design schemes with the festive holidays is unlike anything else. With the celebrations happening left and right, it is just fitting to create spaces that capture the spirit of the season – through timeless aesthetic choices.

As a guiding principle, designing spaces for Christmas is not solely about kitsch decor. What’s key is to match and put together the right elements to reflect not only the look and feel of the holidays, but also to avoid veering away from the chosen design style for a space. Furthermore, selecting high-end materials and bespoke furniture contribute to an overall luxurious and showstopping design.

It is important to stay true to a client’s personality when it comes to creating a festive interior. While doing so, here are a few things to consider in the design process:

● Place a premium on comfort through warm lighting.

Comfort and coziness go hand-in-hand to achieve a homely ambiance for the season. Design should not only make clients see but also feel. To make this happen, consider using warm lighting and multiplying that glow through mirrors and reflective accents. In this manner, the festive design not only rewards the eyes but also makes a space a joy to experience.

● Stay consistent with the color palette of the space.

Red and green hues are often attached to the idea of the holidays. But we do not have to be boxed with these usual colors, instead bank on a consistent palette. Utilizing neutral and minimalist tones could still create a festive design. Taking inspiration from Scandinavian aesthetics by reducing colors, will increase the ease and usher warmth into a space.

● Select a few focal points to draw attention to.

Is the design being created for a stunning dining room? Or an elegant entertainment space for guests to enjoy opulent celebrations? Whichever it is, it is essential to commit to certain focal points and adjust the decor in the space accordingly. This will allow viewers to appreciate every aspect of the space without getting overwhelmed.

At ONNO Concept, we bring expertise that translates to our top-notch designs not just for the holidays, but for all seasons. We execute our designs with finesse and only the highest standards of workmanship. By paying attention to our client’s needs and requests, we are able to actualize visions into timeless designs that express their truest selves.


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