How Using Materials With Different Textures Can Enrich the Interior Design of Your Space

When talking about the textures in interior design, we are referring to more than simply mixing materials. It is more of an art that combines and harmonizes different finishes, fabrics, colors, lighting, and accessories. Using different textures is a great way to enhance any space, either commercial or residential.

Interior designers can interlace both tactile and visual textures to play with our senses. By doing so they create a new experience, a certain mood, and an ambiance in the room.

Some examples of integrating texture into your space would be matching the flooring with a shaggy carpet and smooth cotton linen with a velvet fluffy throw to add coziness to a room. Another example is a combination of robust leather chairs with a strict glass and metal table for a meeting room which will create a corporate ambiance for important negotiations.

The variations are endless and that is where the exciting experimentation begins.

ONNO is a leading interior design company in Dubai that delivers both residential and commercial projects all over the UAE. We believe that interior design is a highly personal matter. That is why our purpose is to deliver bespoke solutions for each project. Incorporating various textures is one of the ways we fulfill this purpose.

This residential project in Abu Dhabi is a good example of how our team does it. Well-rounded coffee tables with glossy vinyl wood finishings complement the shiny velvet of the couches while contrasting the matt appearance of the carpet. A lot of personality can be added to a bathroom by combining different wall finishings: solid neutral colors and rich colorful patterns. Another good example of balancing textures is cold glass or ceramic sinks embedded into solid warm wooden vanity shelves.

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