The Effect of Soft Rounded Furniture in Interior Design

The art of designing and decorating house interiors requires a well-balanced and well-thought-out process. Accessories and decorations are typically simple ways of introducing pattern, shape, and color into a room to create a livelier look and feel. Textures and geometric shapes become an instant accent in an interior space if incorporated seamlessly and can evoke reactions that attract and allure.

Effects of Curved Elements

Our designers at ONNO CONCEPT know from experience that curves can help draw the eye around the room and make spaces with many angles feel more fluid and eye appealing. With their expertise and knowledge about a spectrum of designs and architectural arts, we are taking Dubai’s interior design culture to new heights. In any home design, curved furniture has a simple psychological appeal. This is because circular shapes and curved lines naturally appeal to our brains and are associated with security and peace. This is why incorporating them into interior design is critical. Sharp elements, on the other hand, indicate danger and can cause feelings of dread and panic. It is therefore not considered a smart architectural design to use in modern times, especially in a city as innovative as Dubai.

Popularity of Curved Furniture

The Dubai architecture trend appears to have adopted a unique design with new geometrical mastery. Arches and curves in home décor were previously labeled as “retro,” but today we are fascinated by its exquisitely created expression. Build a conversation pit or sunken living rooms or conversation pits are essential home design elements. An oversized curved sectional is an excellent choice for recreating this retro look. Additionally, choosing calming hues for curved furniture by adding colors that appear equally comforting to curved furniture enhances calming effects. Using colors that are reminiscent of the ground, the forest, or the sky, and drawing inspiration from nature is appealing and soothing to any viewer.

Round furniture, regardless of room size, allows for the design of layouts to stand out with a soft and easy flow. Rounded edges are an excellent way to avoid uncomfortable corners and shin bumps in small spaces while also improving the interior design of a home. Recently, rounded and curved interior designs have become popular in many commercial spaces, including offices, business centers, high-end restaurants, and cafes. Our designers enjoy experimenting with shapes and designs, creating artistic furnishings from scratch that can leave an unforgettable impression.

Do you want to create the ideal interior design for your home? Then our experts at ONNO CONCEPT have you covered! As a seasoned interior design firm in Dubai, we guarantee a smooth transition into an out-of-this-world architectural design experience, with ease and peace of mind.


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