Minimalistic Interior Design Philosophy

interior design of a cafe

Minimalistic Interior Design Philosophy is part of the Minimalism trend of “less is more”, that keeps gaining momentum and is overtaking the realm of interior design. It is more of a philosophy than an approach. Minimalist interior design helps us create serenity islands in the middle of the ocean of our bustling world. The goal is to achieve interior designs that will emit a sense of peace and harmony.

The core elements of minimalist interior design are neutral tones, clean lines, simple shapes, and a variety of textures. Lots of light, functional furniture, natural elements (plants, wood and stone) – all these blend harmoniously to create a pure form of elegance.

ONNO is one of the few interior design companies in the UAE that sets no limits to its creativity, so we can create spaces that truly reflect the client’s personality or concept. We can create beautiful minimalist spaces, in private residences or commercial projects. Our design solutions create a visual effect of a decluttered space.

For this café in Abu Dhabi we were excited to translate the brand’s concept of “Clarity” into its interior design and space planning. We created an ambiance that calms the mind so you can start your day or enjoy your work with maximum productivity. The design elements include delicate lighting, smooth shapes, and subtle decor accents, all of them dressed in a beige colour palette. Our interior designers suggested a beautiful selection of raw materials, integrating nature’s benefits for physical well-being. Result – a very light, crisp and at the same time welcoming interior.

Our villa interiors bring serenity through minimalist interior design executed in master bedrooms or lounging areas – those places where you need to let go and recharge.


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