ONNO’s Blues

In design, different colors are believed to evoke different emotions. Take the color blue for example. When blue is used by designers, it represents a sense of calmness and peace. In interior design particularly, blue is used to create an atmosphere that is relaxing, meditative and serene.

This is not only a design principle; the color blue also has perceived health benefits such as lowering blood pressure and reducing stress. For offices and similar interiors, blue could be used to create a more focused and vitalized environment.  Different shades of the color also offer different effects: lighter shades can enlarge the room, while darker shades can cool an interior with too much sunlight and heat – something useful to consider while living in the UAE.

When designing interiors, we at ONNO tends to use this color selectively. While it is true that the color blue can be a dominant force that sets a calming atmosphere, we prefer to use it as an accent color that pairs nicely with warm and lighter colors, adding a touch of elegance to any room or living space.


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