Looking for the Perfect Fit-Out Team?

The work of a professional fit-out team is usually seen once a project is completed. However, to execute perfectly, a fit-out team must be well equipped and organized and follow a structured procedure. Here are some points to consider when choosing a professional fit-out and execution team.


Do Things in the Correct Order

A good fit-out team knows that efficiently planning a project, scheduling the steps, and following a process guarantees that no time or resources are wasted. A team that knows the right order for each step will ensure consistent progress with execution and no setbacks.

Pay Attention to the Invisible

Experts know that what ensures the quality and longevity of a project are the elements that are invisible to the naked eye. We are referring to wall structures, electrical wiring, plumbing installations, and so on. A professional fit-out team will always demand a high degree of client participation in this part of the process.

Deliver Value Engineering

Value engineering refers to the art and science of efficiently delivering a high-value product at a reasonable cost. A steller fit-out team has both the knowledge and the resources to design and implement customized solutions based on the requirements, which can reduce the cost, time, or sometimes both for a project.

Do It the ONNO Way

At ONNO, our in-house fit-out team work under the coordination of our interior designers. This collaboration ensures a streamlined process that is always running on a schedule. It also ensures that we implement exactly what was approved by the client without any major changes, impracticalities or complications. Using high-end materials and top-class expertise and experience, our team delivers projects to the highest of standards, without any delay or unforeseen circumstances.


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